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Androgen Therapy

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Androgen Therapy

What is Androgen Deficiency?

Androgen Deficiency means "low testosterone." Both men and women can suffer from low testosterone. Androgen Deficiency can have adverse health effects and can be treated by testosterone replacement therapy. 

"Androgens," more specifically, are referred to as "steroid hormones" that include dihydrotestosterone and testosterone; the "male hormones" since the levels of these hormones are higher in men, than women. These important hormones, as previously mentioned, are very important for both men and women as they are responsible for a man's sexual characteristics and maintaining both bone mass and muscle mass. In both men and women, these "male hormones;" dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, in proper levels, are critical to healthy sexual function in men and women.

Signs that a man may have Androgen Deficiency, not in any particular order, include;

Breast Development
Delayed puberty in boys
Reduced sexual desire
Loss of body hair
Increased amounts of body fat - particularly around the abdomen
Reduced muscle mass
Loss of Strength
Loss of endurance in physical activities
Increased risk of osteoporosis
Increased levels of "bad cholesterol"
Reduced amounts of "good cholesterol"

When androgen levels are low or out of balance, a doctor may prescribe "androgen therapy" or Androgen Replacement Therapy."

Androgen Therapy or Androgen Replacement Therapy is the beneficial therapy or protocol in treating the symptoms and conditions caused by Androgen Deficiency, such as some of the effects of symptoms listed above. Androgen Therapy - also referred to as Hormone Replacement Therapy is the normal course of action prescribed by a doctor wherein the man, or woman, is given supplemental testosterone via; gel, implant, injection, skin patch or prescription (pill form). If a woman is suffering from a testosterone deficiency because of a problem in the pituitary gland, then injections are used to replace the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Potential Side Effects of Androgen Therapy and Androgen Replacement Therapy

After a person has started a regimen of Androgen Therapy - there are potential side effects that may occur, and include;

Breast development
Breast tenderness
Increased aggression
Male pattern baldness
Mood swings
Weight gain

In women, spotting or vaginal bleeding may occur. In addition, a woman's clitoris may increase in size. Clitoris enlargement is clinically referred to as "clitorimegaly." This could be a very troubling development for some women. Women undergoing Androgen Therapy may also notice increased sensitivity of the clitoris.

Androgen Therapy

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Androgen Therapy

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